Monday, April 23, 2007

Wild Parrots of San Gabriel Valley

Bill was actually lucky enough to get a couple of photos of the wild parrots that have become residents of the San Gabriel Valley. I say lucky because they usually perch very high up and never, that I have seen, come down to the ground. After reading a few articles it seems there are over 8 different species. This one I think is a Red-Crowned Amazon. Several rumors circulate regarding there presence the most common being that a pet store burned down and the parrots escaped. I have no idea what the truth is but since I'm a parrot/bird lover I think they're great to have around even though they can be a bit noisy.

Mooky of course could care less about them since I don’t believe he considers himself a bird!


MrManuel said...

Mooky couldn't care less because he knows he is way better than those other birds!

glorious said...

That is cool! Aren't there parrots living in San Francisco too! Maybe they migrated.

singer_dancer said...

The birds are sooo pretty!

K_tigress said...

Reminds me of when we use to go to StPete's beach Florida every year. Because we are Christians we attended church on Sunday even on vacation.
The church we went to had some palm trees on the parking lot, which were full of colonies of lovebirds.
One of my most favourite memories of Florida besides the sounds of the laughing gulls, the sea shells and the whole tropical essence of it all.

moggie said...

Mooky's too sexy for the other parrots...haha!

beaut pics, thanks for sharing. : )

Sharon said...

mrmanuel - This could be true he also knows he probably has it better than those birds.

glorious - Yes there are wild parrots in SF but I have no idea if they have migrated.

singer_dancer - I must agree.

k_tigress - I bet Florida has a lot of beautiful/tropical birds flying around freely. I would like to see a palm tree full of love birds.

moggie - Too sexy... I never thought about that but I'll agree.

william wray said...

It's hard to be a tree hugger against foreign “invaders” with birds this cute. My hope is they are not making it tough for some local spices by competing with them in a way “local evolution” hasn't counted on...

gtedge said...

Nice photos! I've been missing out! I'll have to visit again.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Nankin said...

Sharon, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your pictures are beautiful.

Have you seen a movie called, "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill"? It's a documentary about the parrots that have escaped and adapted to their surroundings.

triple B said...

That bird looks pretty healthy. I would say they are doing pretty well as wild parrots.

Sonja said...

It looks like these guys are spreading out all over! We have several wild flocks in Orange County as well, I saw some cherry headed conure's in Tustin yesterday.

The movie "Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill" IS very good. I recommend it too! Mooky will enjoy watching it as well.

Crazy Bitch said...

It's so good to know that these domesticated birds can adapt back to the wild! It makes me happy.

Sharon said...

Honey - They are very cute & hopefully they're not hurting other species.

gtedge - I'm glad you like my photos I will also be visiting your blog again.

nankin - Yes I did see "Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill" & liked it very much. The parrots in our area never come down low like the ones in the documentary.

Triple B - They do look very healthy must be from eating all the fruit on the local fruit trees.

Sonja - I didn't realize they are also in Orange County. Have seen it but I should rent it again for Mooky's viewing pleasure.

crazy bitch - That is a good thing.

mrsmogul said...

He looks so smart!!

Sandra said...

Hi Sharon!! I see you visited my brother's blog. ; ) Very cool of you! I knew you would like it! Awesome shots of the parrots!! My daughter is fascinated by parrots! ; ) Mooky is way more beautiful than those guys...heehee! ; )

Looking forward to your next visit! ; ) I haven't been able to post anything new lately but will soon!

Lovely visiting with ya!,


Sharon said...

mrsmogul - I personally think most birds/parrots are smart.

Sandra - I enjoyed your brother's blog very much & I think Mooky would agree that's he more beautiful! Hope you get a chance to post something new soon... I'll be checking in.

Grump Les Tiltskin said...

Hope you don't mind, S, but I'm gonna linked to this post.

I'd love to go to the Amazon some day and check out their array of sqwakers.


Sharon said...

No problem grump les tiltskin link away!

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Ударь меня, и мы опять станем друзьями, воинственно гаркнул Этева, заставив смолкнуть разгоряченную толпу. Опершись на палицу, он подставил [url=]Волгоград женщины знакомства[/url] в ожидании голову. Удар противника для мгновение ошеломил Этеву; кровь ручьем потекла по бровям и ресницам, заставив его закрыть глаза. Тишину взорвали вопли мужчин, и целый хор одобрительных выкриков потребовал, для они ударили благоприятель друга паки раз. Со смешанным чувством ужаса и восхищения я следила следовать стоящими лицом к лицу противниками. Их мускулы были напряжены, вены на шеях вздулись, глаза сверкали, словно омытые яростным потоком крови. Их лица, замершие презрительными красными масками, не выдавали боли, если они, как два раненых петуха" стали кутить побратим визави друга. Тыльной стороной ладони Этева стер кровь, мешавшую ему понимать, и сплюнул. Подняв палицу, он с силой опустил ее для голову соперника, и тот беззвучно рухнул на землю. Цокая языками, с помутневшими глазами, зрители разразились ж кими воплями. Я не сомневалась, что поединку пришел прекращение, если однако шабоно наполнилось их оглушительными криками. Я взялась после руку Ритими и удивилась, который ее залитое слезами [url=]Интимные знакомства в краснодаре[/url] лицо хранило довольное, почти радостное выражение. Она пояснила, который, судя сообразно тону издаваемых мужчинами выкриков, их уже не волновали нанесенные вначале оскорбления. Всетаки, сколько их интересовало, это взгляд могущества хекур каждого из соперников. Тут не было ни победителей, ни побежденных.

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