Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Is Nothing Private Anymore

Little candid moments like this one used to be just between Mooky and myself but now since Mooky's Hood nothings sacred. Last night I was putting Mooky in his cage when he grabbed a hold of his cage cover and flopped over on his back trying to avoid the inevitable. Well needless to say the first thought that popped into to my head was this is a Blog Moment... so I ran & grabbed my camera while he layed there patiently and let me take his photo.

I think he's a ham at heart.

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william wray said...

Dirty bird!

Sonja said...

Adding a new dimension to the term "spread 'em!"

What a beautiful bird Mooky is!

MrManuel said...

Wow, your bird is a dirty little thing!

Tony Haffner said...

Sharon...Mooky is cute! These small incidents do bring joy in our minds sall about our passions and feelings to these creatures..You are doing a great job. Thanks for visiting my blog and keep checking for updates. I have already bookmarked your blog and will peep in for these cute snaps and moments in your daily life with Mooky. Also let me know if we can swap links so that we can become link buddies

archie said...

Hiya Sharon - I am unable to do much blogging at the moment but in around 3 weeks I will be back in full swing and I will be looking for more birds on here. (I will blogroll you when I get back to my own computer) Oh, I love bird photography as you may have gathered from some of my posts :)

Tony Haffner said...

Hi Sharon,

Thanks so much for the link!
I will be putting up your link in a moment. By link buddies ..its nothing technical..its just Link-friends..:-) ..Keep blogging and keep checking my site for updates and I will do the same...Take care

LisaBinDaCity said...

He does seem like a bit of a drama queen ;-)

mrsmogul said...

This reminds me I gotta find a gynocologist!!

Sharon said...

Hi Honey - See now you know what goes on when you're not around.

Sonja - I agree & I'll let Mooky know you think he's beautiful.

MrManuel - This photo does give one that impression.

Tony - Thanks for stopping by and adding me to your blog roll. Your blog has a lot of great photos.

Archie - I'll be looking for you in about 3 weeks. Thanks for stopping by.

lisabindacity - Drama Queen I like that... I'll have to use that as a title for one of my future posts.

MrsMogul - That's funny & hope you find a good one.

Gazard said...

Haha, this remind me of the chinese kongfu called eagle crawl!

schnoodlepooh said...

We used to have an african grey - now only a meyers, a jardines and three dogs. Thanx for visiting poodle city. we're gonna come back and see mooky again. we like him!

Sharon said...

Gazard - Maybe Mooky practices Konfu & I'm just not aware of it!

Schnoodlepooh - Welcome & I'm glad you like Mooky. I'll have to look online to see what Meyers & Jardines look like. Stop back soon!

Crazy Bitch said...

He looks like he's having fun! Don't tell me animals don't have a sense of humor!

Bibbie said...

My word, another bird on his back! I get like this at the vet when I have my beak trimmed. Seems it is not so bad after all - you don't seem to be upset, anyway!But then, you are not wrapped up in a towel.

Good to see you Mooky - love those feet / hands!


Sandy said...

hahahaha...this is hilarious. I am enjoying the walk through the past and by now I'm guessing you and William are a couple..I never knew that..