Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sunday Morning Fun

A few months back Mooky decided that on Sunday morning he was going to make a big mess (for me) by chewing the newspaper I use to line his perch. I’m not sure how he knows it’s Sunday but I think it’s because on Sunday mornings I make breakfast and we all eat together. I even make him his own little breakfast sometimes it’s a boiled egg that I mash up or tiny little pancakes. After he’s had enough to eat he climbs down his perch and turns into a shredding machine. And by the look on his face you can see he takes it very seriously.


Rhea said...

I've heard these birds are brilliant. Do you have any posts where you talk about stuff like that, with specific examples of his brilliance?

LisaBinDaCity said...

Of course Mooky knows what day Sunday is! How could he not? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I just love Mooky! He is so adorable!


Crazy Bitch said...

He looks like he knows exactly what he's doing, and having a great time! He is obviously extremely smart, and has his own sense of humor! What a joy it must be to be his owner! Isn't it funny how our pets get little ideas and carry them out? This is why we have pets, eh?

glorious said...

Mooky is a cutie and quite smart as can be seen in his intelligent eyes. Thanks for sharing. He must be delightful in person.

MrManuel said...

Sounds like a spoiled little bird!

william wray said...

I like the first shot he lots nice and thick--

Gazard said...

Mooky looks great in the photos, especially the first one. He likes shredding paper? LOL!

K_tigress said...

Heh no need of a paper shredder when this one has a bonus security feature.

Info swipers beware of intelligent beak. ;)

Sandra said...

Hi Sharon!! So great meeting you!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! ; ) I'm so happy that you enjoyed my pics! I love your blog as well! I love the pic of the chickens. It reminds me of home. I started the chicken craze at my Dad's place when I was little. One little chick and one little cage wasn't gonna cut it...we ended up with many more and much bigger cages...heehee! ; )

I see you like to bike! My older brother is an avid cyclist and he loves to snap photos of places that he gets to see. You should check out his blog. I think you'll like it! It's the La Vernia Bears one on my list of links! ; )

Here's a copy of my response to your visit. Catch ya later!! :

Hi Sharon!! What a great pleasure meeting you! Thanks so much for dropping by and visiting me!! I greatly appreciate it!! Thank you so much for your kind compliments!! You know, I don't happen to know what that tree is called but I love it!! It attracts butterflies and hummingbirds! ; ) It blooms beautifully in the Spring and Summer! It also stays green all year? I wish I knew what it was called. I bought it in a 5 gallon planter and it is now about 10 ft. tall. Cool that you may have the same one! ; )

It was a treat hearing from ya! I'm looking forward to the next time I hear from ya!

On my way to check out your blog!!

Smiles from Texas!!,


Grump Les Tiltskin said...

I've been trying to work out what the magnificent feathers around the Mookster's neck and down to his underbelly look like.

Upside down storm-clouds?

Fungus on the side of a weathered log?

The texture of a burning log, just before it crumbles into ashy oblivion?

Those feathers are exquisite, but they're driving me batty.

Sharon said...

Rhea - Thanks for the brilliant idea.

lisabindacity - I guess I shouldn't question everything.

Anonymous - Thanks from me & Mooky.

Crazy Bitch - He is a joy for the most part & pets do play such an important roll in our lives.

Glorious - He can be quite delightful & smart.

mrmanuel - Exactly!

Honey - That was my favorite too but because of his eye.

Gazard - Thanks & you would be surprised at how fine he can shred the paper.

k_tigress - He would probably do a better job than the shredder I have.

Country Girl - Welcome.I'm glad you like Mooky's Hood and I hope you visit again. I know I'll be visiting your blog soon & I'll also check out your brother's blog. I love chickens too but have never had the opportunity to own any. But I do collect chickens either pictures, s&p shakers etc.

Grump les Tiltskin - Now that you mentioned it, it sort of does look like fungus on the side of a weathered log. His feathers are so detailed.

schnoodlepooh said...

Good shredding. You could give him all of your junk mail to dispose of and it's a cheap chew toy also.

moggie said...

ello, sharon! thanks for popping by moggiesworld. i just love your site and will be dropping by often to see what u guys are up to. mooky rocks!

Sharon said...

schnoodlepooh - That's a good idea... the only problem is we get so much junk mail poor Mooky would never have time to do anything else.

moggie - Welcome moggie. I'm happy you like Mooky's Hood & also glad you'll be checking us out. I also enjoyed Moggiesowrld!

Sonja said...

Mooky's not shredding the papers...he's speed reading and recycling!!!!

Sharon said...

Hey... maye you're right. I never did figure out that speed reading thing!

lisa said...

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Christinalini said...

Sharon~ Hi! It's your sister-in-law. I love Mooky's Hood! Mooky is so beautiful. His coloring is awesome. I've shown everyone at work and they agree. I'm glad Tommy can see that I'm not the only person who can actually communicate with their pet. He thinks I'm strange because I talk to Gretchen like a human being. She answers me, though. I'm sure you and Mooky understand one another also. Some people just don't understand the relationship between pets and their humans. Hope to hear from you soon.