Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mooky at the Bottom & Crows at the Top

The Crows are part of my Halloween decorations... I place them outside in trees or perched on a pumpkin! Nothing too elaborate I always like to keep things simple. The bamboo room divider ; which we call "The Barricade" is meant to prevent Mooky from wondering from the livingroom area into other parts of the house to help keep his destruction down to a minimum. The problem with "The Barricade" is that it has a pretty big gap between it and the doorway. For a while Mooky was afraid enough of the actual room divider itself that he wouldn't go near it but in time he figured how to fly through the small gap making his escape to the rest of the house.

These days thanks to the watchful eyes of the crows Mooky hasn't been able to get past "The Barricade" but that doesn't mean he hasn't tried. He'll walk over to inspect the situation hoping to find a gap he can squeeze through.

I'm just curious to see how long it takes Mooky to befriend the crows... One day I fully expect to walk in and find him perched atop "The Barricade" with the crows!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hello, Hello... Is anybody there?

It's a new year and I started a new job so I've been a little busy however that hasn't stopped Mooky from his daily antics... it just means I haven't had the time to post them or to visit your blogs. I'm sure I've missed some good posts too! This is my first post of the new year and I plan to get back into posting & visiting on a regular basis.

See you at your blogs soon!