Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Hills Are On Fire

I took these photos from our front porch just a few minutes ago. Many homes have been evacuated... luckily we're not as close to the fire as the photos make it appear.

I was watching the fire through the binoculars for quite some time and its odd how something so disastrous can also be so beautiful in its own way... well at least in my opinion.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Someone Save Me

This is why I hate going into pet stores but my curiosity always keeps me going back for more. In this particular pet store called “Super Pets” located in Temple City, CA there were several birds… 1 large Cockatoo (Nothing seems to bother them!), several finches, parakeets, some cockatiels & last but not least this sad looking African Grey who looked just like Mooky. It saddened me because all I could do was picture Mooky in this Plexiglas box with nothing to do or no one to consider his flock.

You have to wonder who thought of keeping puppies, kittens, snakes & large birds etc. in plexiglas boxes and not to mention in pet shops period.