Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lonely Dove

I have a birdbath in the front yard among my Japanese maple & Gardena bushes. It is frequently visited by Morning Doves, Blue Jays, Starlings & Wild Finches.

Occasionally I have even found the neighbor's big black & white cat perched on it hoping that maybe, just maybe the birds won’t notice that he’s a CAT.


glorious said...

Very pretty yard.
Our backyard is somewhat wild right now. The birds love it. We get a show everyday.
The front yard is better kept and I turn the water on in the afternoon for the magpies. They are so cute as they bathe.

MrManuel said...

Your backyard looks beautiful!

william wray said...

What about Pedro?

Grump Les Tiltskin said...

Hey, that looks like the doves we get around here (Laughing Turtle Dove - Streptopelia senegalensis).

They were introduced to Western Australia from Africa and India from 1898, but for a feral bird don't seem to do much harm.

I have a pair nesting beneath my eaves now.

just And like where you live, Perth cats love 'em.

Crazy Bitch said...

In our family, if the doves visit you in a pair, or in some unusual way, that means love is coming!

singer_dancer said...

I love the bird bath!!!!!!

schnoodlepooh said...

Your yard looks lovely. I sure hope that that bad cat doesn't catch any of those birds in your bird bath.

Sharon said...

Glorious - Thanks & it doens't matter to our feathered friends whether or not our yards are manicured.

mrmanuel - Thanks!

Honey - Exactly... what about Pedro?

grump les tiltskin - I'll have to do a search to see the Laughing Turtle Dove.

crazy bitch - We do have several pairs so I'll be expecting lots of love.

singer_dancer - Thanks so do the birds.

schnoodlepooh - So far I haven't seen any signs of that.

MartinM377 said...

I just posted in my blog about how I cleaned our birdbath for the first time this year! We also get more than just birds using it - even my cat uses it as well as the other neighborhood cats!

I have to say that my birdbath doesn't have the same scenery as yours does - ours is next to a big maple tree that's 100 years old!

Sharon said...

Martin377 - I'll have to read your post on cleaning a birdbath. They can get pretty funky. I bet that maple tree is beautiful. We used to get a hawk that would come and sit in the birdbath.

Thanks for your visit!