Monday, April 9, 2007

Where Do All The Peanuts Go?

Each morning I put out 6 peanuts on the railing of our deck for the pair of Blue Jays that have made our yard their home. 6 peanuts a day equals 2,190 peanuts per year... that's a lot of peanuts. Obviously they eat them and I've watched them carefully bury/hide them in the yard and I've also withnessed the squirrels wait for the Jays to fly off before they go and reap the rewards. I also wonder if my neighbors find peanuts in their yards when gardening?


Crazy Bitch said...

Seems like all wild animals need some help, these days, and I'm glad that you do! I LOVE animals, and help whenever I can!

I have two Shih-Tzu dogs, and I LOVE them SOOO MUCH! I also keep two cats. One sleeps in my garage, and the other is a tom cat who patrols my yards. My son and I are allergic to cats, so we can't bring them inside. I also have three Beta fishes who think they are sharks!

PurpleOceanMoon said...

Boy, that is a funny story. Squirrels are trouble.

glorious said...

I've seen the bird waiting for the squirrel to run away after burying his nut. Wild life can be so amusing.

MrManuel said...

Better stack up at Costco!

Sonja said...

Those scrub jays are a hoot! We have them here in Orange County too. They are very "fresh" and aggressive with food. My mom had a regular visitor that got so used to eating her peanuts that it would take them out of her hand!!

Hi to Mooky!

Grump Les Tiltskin said...

Oh, that's what a bluejay looks like!

(I always expected they'd be much smaller) - (and not quite as blue) - (or so J-shaped) :-)

Sharon said...
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LisaBinDaCity said...

That is so darn cute!!!

Sharon said...

Crazy Bitch - I would love to get a dog but Bill is not too keen on that idea. So Mooky & the wild birds are my only pets.

PurpleOceanMoon - Squirrels can be but I don't believe they are just rats with fluffy tails.

Glorious - Birds can be too smart for their own good!

MrManuel - I actually get them at Smart & Final a big bag is only $3.99.

Sonja - When we first moved to Sierra Madre there was 1 Jay that would take peanuts out of my hand but he disappeared!

Grump Les Tiltskin - They are quite pretty and smart but I noticed in different areas of California the Jays vary. I've seen some that are all blue with a black head.

lisabindacity - Thanks!

william wray said...

Ahh the circle of nuts.

The Racoons dig'em up too.