Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Travel Time

I thought I'd post a couple photos of Mooky in the car on our way to Sonora. He loves to go on road trips, although judging from the first photo you might not have guessed that. He’ll whistle, kiss, sing & sometime if we’re lucky he'll do his dinosaur growl.

This is a new travel cage that made loading & unloading him in the car much easier. I'm sure he would have preferred to have his bigger cage but it can't always be about Mooky. Despite the size of his cage he seemed to enjoy himself and so did we.


Sandra said...

Awesome!! I hope you enjoy a lovely trip to Sonora!!

Mooky is very lucky to be loved by such a wonderful person such as yourself!!

Heaps of sunshine from Texas!!!,


K_tigress said...

Ha neat.
You should record that dino impression if you can and share.
That would be so cool to hear.

schnoodlepooh said...

i used to have a grey cheek parakeet who would always take a bath if there was any water in her cage when we went for car rides. she would talk and talk in the car. it's funny how they seem to like travelling in the car.

Rhea said...

I'm surprised. For some reason, I would think birds would hate being in a car. My dog doesn't like it but I just discovered it's because he's too little to look out the window. A few weeks ago a friend was driving, so I had my pup in my lap and he could see out. He loved it!

LisaBinDaCity said...


Ally da Pup used to travel in a Sherpa bag that was a bit small for her. But, she had it since she was a pup and felt safe in it.

You never know, I guess.

Grump Les Tiltskin said...

To avoid rolling over him, I plonked my engine-loving kitten in the car while I backed a few metres down the driveway today.

Unlike Mooky, he hated it.

Jenn said...

Mooky is so adorable. I can't say it enough! Does he do his dinosaur growl when he's upset?

Mooky and Sharon have a GREAT weekend!!


Crazy Bitch said...

Dinosaur growl? I'd love to hear that! What a cutie, he is!

MrManuel said...

I'd love to hear that growl!

Sonja said...

I had a grey cheek who got carsick. He would actually vomit by regurgitating, then shaking his head around to spread the joy. We stopped taking him on car trips after that, not because of the vomit itself but because I get carsick so easily and had total sympathy for the poor guy!

Lucky Mooky can travel in style!

Gazard said...

Dinosaur growl? You must do a podcast to us to prove it. :P

singer_dancer said...

Hi!!! The pictures are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!

moggie said...

yep, i'd love to hear mooky's 'dinosaur growl' too! : )

Sharon said...

Sandra - Sonora was great... will visit again.

k_tigress, crazy bitch, mr. manual, gazard & moggie - As soon as I get a video camera with audio I will be sure to post!

schnoodlepooh - The first time we took him he was quiet for a while but then he got used to it & became the chatterbox we're used to.

Rhea - No Mooky loves it. In the past I would take him on a short drives. He sat on the passenger's seat headrest & like your dog he really loved that because he could see outside. I had to stop doing that because chewing the headrest was fun for him too!

lisabindacity - That must have been cute!

grump les tiltskin - Back east we used to have engine-loving kittens too! Don't they realize how dangerous that can be. I have never known of a cat that enjoyed riding in a car.

jenn - Not when he's upset but whenever he's in a dinosaur kinda mood!

Sonja - He only got sick once when we went to Cambria because the roads were so bumpy in the area we stayed. They love to share the joy!

singer_dancer - Thank you!

william wray said...

Seeing him up- chuck was so sad. I blame myself for driving to fast.

Two Pis and a Poi said...

Hi Mooky! What a beatiful grey!
Travel cages are wonderful! Gillie and Django both love car trips!

Sharon said...

Honey - It was sad but luckily that was the only time he's up-chucked.

two pis and a poi - Thank you! Your birds are beautiful too. I love his new travel it's just the perfect size.