Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Grasshoppers... Help!

As a kid I used to love Grasshoppers. I would catch one hold it's mouth against my finger and sing "Spit Tobacco, Spit Tobacco, Spit on my hand & if you do I'll let you go!" They would spit something that looked like tobacco on my finger and I would keep my promise and let them go.

Can’t say I love them so much anymore. Actually I consider them one of the biggest pests in my yard & garden. They will chew on almost any type of plant. I found this Grasshopper hidden on a branch of my Princess Tree. I also noticed an abundance of the little green baby Grasshoppers on my tomato plants this weekend. The babies are cute but very destructive.


barkfoot said...

My uncle always used to tell us, that if we wanted to get rid of insects on plants you should spray them with soapy water. The soap gets in their eyes, and when they lift their legs to rub them, they fall off!....For years I thought this was true, now, I realise he was just pulling my leg!

Sonja said...

It's time for Mooky to earn his keep. Put him outside and let him snap those babies up! (just kidding, although my bird Gizmo just loves snapping at moths that get into the house).

moggie said...

hi, sharon! i may be mistaken, but that looks more like a locust than a grasshopper. i share your frustration, every now and then i get a bunch of them chewing on the leaves of my java palm.! : (

william wray said...

Now if those Damn lizards would get to work eat those hopper babies and stop lazing on the sun rock we would have some balance in the cycle of yard life!

LadyHawk said...

Hi Sharon. Those are very destructive insects indeed but I must say that you have gotten great shots of it!

Sandy said...

Wow Sharon these are great shots. How funny..just today I was out hiking and got some weird looking bug photos. I'll post them probably tomorrow...maybe you can help identify them..
Love your photos ...and Mooky is so adorable.sandy

MrManuel said...

I don't trust anything that can jump on me from far away...

T-man said...

Ooh, does Mooky like to eat those grasshoppers? CC-man would be scared of them.

Sharon said...

Barkfoot - I've heard that spraying plants with soapy water will keep some insects off but I don't know about them rubbing their eyes & falling off.

Sonja - Mooky's too much of a chicken if he saw a grasshopper he would probably scream like when he sees a hawk.

Moggie - Not quite sure what the difference is between a locust & a grasshopper but I will do an online search.

Honey - My thoughts exactly. I don't think the lizards eat them because they are the same size as the lizards.

Ladyhawk - Thank you & I have experienced their destruction.

Sandy - I'll be waiting for the weird insect post to your blog.

mrmanuel - I agree!

T-Man - No he would be scared of them just like CC-Man.

curryegg said...

Do you believe that I killed grasshoppers before? In my biology course before, we need to do speciment for mouse and grasshoppers as well. Ehw...it was disgusting. And the sad thing was, one of the grasshopper was having hundreds of egg in her abdoment. I really feel sorry... :(

Gazard said...

It used to be my childhood hobby to catch various kind of insects. Grasshoppers are quite interesting, there are some species with vivid green color.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Pretty gnarly looking little buggers!

Sharon said...

curryegg - That does sound disgusting & I hate to admit it but I cut a few in half with the garden clippers. Oops!

gazard - I'll take your word for it that they are interesting... but all I know is that they are destructive in my garden.

lisabindacity - Exactly!

Rauf said...

oh yes Sharon they can be very destructive . We have green ones here. Very beautiful macros you have here.

Anonymous said...

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