Friday, May 18, 2007

Mooky's Buddy

This is Mooky’s “Birdy Buddy.” Or maybe he considers it his little soft cuddly purple pal or maybe his teddy bear… who knows. What I do know is that he loves it! As you can see it's a fuzzy piece of material that ties to the bars of his cage just above his perch. When he goes in his cage for the evening he snuggles up against it to stay warm or maybe for comfort.

Isn't he just too cute... sorry I couldn't help myself!


Rachel said...

I had a green cheek conure for about 8 years and she had one of those bird buddies and absolutley loved it. She went through about 8 a year...apparently she nibbled on it in her sleep and would gradually pull all of the fuzz off. Anyway great picure he is too cute!

K_tigress said...

I think it’s a need to preen thing moods.

He kind of looks like "yeah I love teddies like so what"

barkfoot said...

Mooky is great! I used to have a love bird called Fred. She, (yes I didn't know he was a she when I named him/her)flew in through a patio door and no one else wanted her. She used to keep me awake at night with constant schreeching and shred £20 notes to make nests! But for all that we were good mates, and had many a fun time going for drives in the car with her running up and down the dashboard flapping and getting over excited!

LisaBinDaCity said...

That's not Barney, is it?


Darling pic!

Sonja said...

I don't blame you one bit for adoring Mooky. He's a doll. I've seen those birdy buddies. My guy and gal won't use one.

william wray said...

I suspect Mookie likes to get "jiggy" with Barney's pelt. He has his dirty little ways-- ;-)

lynetter said...

Oh, that's *adorable*. I think I shall suggest we get one for Bibbie. Mooky might like to think he's tough, but he's clearly a softie at heart. :-)

W. K. Moore said...

Hi Sharon.. nice site you have here! Mooky is a real star - as well he should be.. with all that talking and the great impressions. The dinasaur voice is priceless.. I hear it now.. Cheers!

MrManuel said...

He's playing - too cute!

Sandra said...

Cutie Mooky with his purple pal!

I hope all is well with you, Sharon!

Smiles to ya from Texas!,


schnoodlepooh said...

Yes, he is too cute. You have such good photos of him too. I used to have a lot of trouble photographing my grey - bad exposures mostly. But Mooky is adorable - what a cutie pie!

moggie said...
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catalyst0527 said...

I like the word - 'snuggle' :)

moggie said...

mooky is just too cool. can't wait for more 'mooky in action' pics, sharon!

T-man said...

Mooky sure knows how to have fun! My brother, CC-man, has a yellow snuggle pillow, but he's scared of it, so mom keeps it out of his cage.

Tony Haffner said...

hi sharon,
thanks for visiting my blog..yes u r rite has grown to a healthy and naughty devil..always running after birds and jumping on the window panes. In the meanwhile you are doing a great job with your blog. keep up the good work.
Take care

Sharon said...

Rachael - His birdy buddy is one of the few things he doesn't chew to shreds.

k_tigress - Since his cage is covered in the evening I'm not sure what he & his buddy are doing.

barkfoot - Fred must have been a lot of fun other than the schreeching & shredding in the evenings. Sounds like she really liked to go on car rides.

lisabindacity - You're too funny... I will call it his Barney Buddy from now on.

Sonja - Thanks for recognizing Mooky's adorable factor. Maybe your birdys won't use a buddy because they have each other as buddies?

Honey - Don't know what goes on in his cage when the covers are drawn but you could be right!

lynetter - I think this would be perfect for Bibbie.

w.k. moore - Thanks for the visit. Hisdinosaur growl is priceless.

mrmanuel - Thanks... he's always playing or being bad.

sandra - They do make a cute couple don't they.

schnoodlepooh - Most of his photos turn out good... I wish I could say the same about photos of me.

catalyst0527 - Okay... I like the word snuggle too.

moggie - Some days he's cool & others he's evil. More action pics on the way.

t-man - From what I can tell from your blog that CC-man is quite the character.

tony haffner - I'm glad you like my blog. You should post some photos of the naughty devil now that its grown.

archie said...

That is a great photo, Sharon. All parrots are so intelligent. And love cuddling.

Crazy Bitch said...

He is too cute! OMG! Does he cuddle with his purple friend? I love to play with my two shih-tzu dogs!

Ruth said...

This is a fun blog! I like seeing animal photos, especially birds. Thanks for your visit to Synchronizing! :)

curryegg said...

Oh... you love bird as well? Great! And I think it's cute too..

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