Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ring My Bell

If you listen closely in the very beginning of the video you can hear Mooky say, "Kiss"! He says it so sweetly and usually he leans over and gently pecks me on the lips with his beak. Now as far the bell ringing goes that's a whole other story. He rings his bell to either get attention or to let Bill or me know it's time to shut-up or leave! Mooky also likes to attack the bell as if he's honing his fighting skills... not quite sure why he needs fighting skill!

The noise in the background is the fan... this was filmed during one of the really hot days we were experiencing in California. Hopefully in the future I can get him to talk while I film him sans the fan noise!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet word to know and a clever Mooky incorporating a bell into his language!!!

barkfoot said...

I love the way he attacks the bell and then looks intently at it as if it had rung spontaneously!
You might be interested in a video "Einstein the amazing talking parrot" at Lesleys site 'The Wild Kingdom' (

LadyHawk said...

Mooky's so sweet .. and in the video, he looks like he's waiting for a reaction from his bell ringing. Could you get a video of him giving youa peck on the lips? That would be super.

archie FCD said...

What a great little video :)

glorious said...

What a sweet little bird. You are so lucky.

LZ Blogger said...

Sharon - Re: Your comment on my blog... to some that could make it the SADDEST Place on Earth! ~ jb///

Lavender said...

Go Mooky! I think parrots just like noise - and that bell does the trick LOL! Great to see him in action Sharon - thanks for sharing Mooky with us!

caiquecrazy said...

Hi Mookey!

Just wondering if you are interested in swapping links with another parrot blogger?

Gazard said...

Haha, I must admit that the bell sound surprised me, I never thought it was that loud! Btw, Mooky is really adorable.

T-man said...

CC-man likes to ring his bell too. He often does it right when Mom's getting ready to leave..maybe because he's frustrated about being left alone. He says "give your mommie kiss" too, and he gives real nice kisses, according to mom.


moggie said...

mooky must be an anita ward fan!

cool vid.

Sharon said...

Anonymous - Mooky does have his sweet moments... luckily for us he's not always a terror!

barkfoot - Yes, he keeps his eye on the bell! I've seen the Einstein clip beofre... Einstein is truly amazing!

ladyhawk - I'll try to get him kissing or at least some more clips with him talking!

Archie - Thanks!

Glorious - Sometimes sweet and yes we are lucky to have him.

lz blogger - I guess that would be true for some!

lavender - I think you're right! Noise is one of their favorite things!

caiquecrazy - Thanks for visiting... I've added your link already.

Gazard - It is very loud but at least you can turn the volume down on the computer... that's not an option for us when he's ringing his bell!

T-man - See CC-man uses his bell to communicate too! CC-Man looks like a good kisser!

moggie - Funny & thanks!

caiquecrazy said...

Hi- I added your link to my blog. Thanks!!!

Sonja said...

More Mooky vids, please!

Mary said...


Thanks for leaving me a link to your blog -- I love it and also linked yours to mine!

I am just amazed at how so many of the things that Mooky does are things that my guys do as well. Your photos are just breathtaking!

I'm looking forward to keeping up with Mooky's adventures!

Madwag said...

awwwwww...he is just way too cute.

Sandy said...

ahhh, he is sooo darn cute..


Slick said...

Sharon! Hey girl

Is Mooky trying to tell you it's dinnertime already?

"Look here woman, put the camera down and fix me some grub!"

So, all it takes is to whsiper "kiss" to get you to smooch?

Making a mental note.....

K_tigress said...

Haha if you put that old disco "Ring my bell" song in the background it be a perfect fit. That is if you and Mooky can stand disco. ;)

DweezelJazz said...

Mooky is adorable. He seems to be very like Jazzy in many ways. It's fun to see him moving around on video.

Jazzy says: "Give me a kiss" and then does a couple of kiss sounds to blow them to you. She also leans over to give a kiss on the hand or the face very gently while making the kiss sound.

When I ask Jazzy if she wants a kiss on her head she bends her head low to get a kiss on the top of her head.

Birds are such lovely and loving beings.

Sharon said...

caiquecrazy - Thanks as you can see I added your link too!

Sonja - You got it!

Mary - Welcome & thanks! It is funny how birds seem to do the same things but of course with different personalities.

Madwag - He can be a cutie at times actually most of the time!

Sandy - Thanks!

Slick - Dinner... I never thought maybe he's ringing his bell because he's hungry!

K_Tigress - I actually thought of doing that! Don't tell anyone but I love disco!

Dweezlejazz - I think Mooky & Jazzy would make a cute couple!

Rauf said...

dear o dear, poor Mooky, Looks like you forced him into taking Botany. What he really needs is a doctrate in Physics. Obviously he has never heard of Newton's laws of motion.

Hi Mooky How you doin ?

Neddie said...

Hello Sharon!

Thank you for the comment on my blog. It's been a long time, but now I'm back to posting more entries. Your blog is great, and Mooky is cute! I've added your blog as one of the links on my sidebar. Hope you don't mind! :)

MrManuel said...

That's adorable!

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