Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Deer Post

These are a couple of deer I spotted up in the Sierra Madre canyon on one of my early morning walks. In the first photo they’re eating a lovely purple plant in someone's yard... luckily I haven't had any problems with deer eating my plants but that’s probably because we live below the canyon and the deer usually don't come down from the canyon too often.

On occasion they do visit searching for food when it’s really hot. I’ll spot them across the street in the settling ponds standing under the big oak trees chewing on plants. I love to watch them and of course I always try to get a snapshot of them if possible. They usually ignore me and go about their business or they move to another spot where they can't be seen.


K_tigress said...

Oh that's just so neat.
I just love the pics. The fist one has almost a fish eye lens look to it and the other one the colours complement them selves so well.

Can't tell but are they just starting to get their antlers?

Lavender said...

Brilliant shot Sharon! Well done! They are lovely gentle creatures and its lovely you got so close!

Slick said...

I bet them thangs taste good!!

lol ;)

Great picture taking though, Sharon!

Anonymous said...

The bottom photograph is ectremely creative! It looks like the earth is curling around you. Who can miss that purple plant? I don't blame the dears :)

triple B's said...

those deer don't look like they are very afraid of humans. i guess they can be real pests when they eat your garden, but not so pesty when they are eating someone else's and you're just admiring them.

moggie said...

beautiful shots, sharon! it's amazing how you managed to get up so close to them. it's a lovely feeling photographing His wonderful creations in the wild, isn't it?

barkfoot said...

I'm really jealous. You're lucky to even spot deer around here and if you do they're so nervous they're normally off before they're much more than a dot on the horizon.

Rauf said...

Sharon, i have to go to the forest to take pictures of deers where there is natural balance with the presence of other wild animals. Deer population is naturally under check, they don't come to the roads and cause any problems or accidents
Beautiful picture Sharon. He is looking at you.

Sonja said...

I am totally scared of Lyme disease and won't go near any wooded area with deer in it. What a wuss!

LZ Blogger said...

They kind of look like MULE DEER? Common in the High Sierras. ~ jb///

Sandy said...

Great shot. When we were up in the bay area, the deer were coming down into the yard.

Love the photos.

p.s. you asked a couple questions which I answered on my blog.

thanks for your comments, always..


MrManuel said...

That's cool that you were able to get that close!

mrsmogul said...

That looks staged the photo looks so good!!

So cute, though I would be a total wimp to be that close to them.

Sharon said...

K_Tigress - These photos were taken when I first got my camera and didn't know how it worked. I am happy with these photos and I'm glad you like them too!

Lavender - They are lovely and gentle creatures. I think they have become accepting of people which makes them a little more tolerant when it comes to photo taking.

Slick - I should have guessed that would be your response... but you do crack me up!

Anonymous - Thanks but again I had no idea what I was doing because my camera was new to me. I think I just got lucky!

Triple B's - I think they have accepted humans as part of their existence in order to survive. Also the canyon is very quiet with a lot of mellow/hippy people that love & respect nature.

Moggie - Thanks... coming from you that means a lot! Being amongst nature is a wonderful thing.

Barkfoot - Please... I'm so jealous of the photos & narratives you post!

Rauf - He was looking at me to make sure I wasn't about to pull some funny stuff! Rauf you take so many candid photos of people... something I never do!

Sonja - That's probably a legitimate concern but since I'm not around them that often it doesn't worry me!

lz blogger - First off welcome! I will now have to do an online search on Mule Deer since I've never heard of them before!

Sandy - Thank you! And thanks for answering my questions & for your comements too!

mr. manuel - I thought so too. Usually they scamper off before being able to take a snap shot.

mrs. mogul - I've never heard of deer attacking anyone but then again I'm not a deer expert!

Madwag said...


DweezelJazz said...

Beautiful shots of the deer. They are one of the most elegant and graceful creatures. Very sweet.

Where I used to live in Oregon the deer come into the town all the time. I shared a place with a friend and she still has the deer come to the front yard. If they're ill she does what she can to feed them while they're on the mend, and she knows all their names and characteristics. :)