Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Hills Are On Fire

I took these photos from our front porch just a few minutes ago. Many homes have been evacuated... luckily we're not as close to the fire as the photos make it appear.

I was watching the fire through the binoculars for quite some time and its odd how something so disastrous can also be so beautiful in its own way... well at least in my opinion.


4xBs said...

it's kind of pretty and scary and sad at the same time. mostly scary, we think.

that post below about the grey in the plexiglas box is sad sad sad. we can't stand to see any animals in boxes, unless it's a snake or something gross. birds are so social and dogs too. it makes our mom very very sad.


K_tigress said...

Don't forget cats. They love to be in prides which I was apart of. ;)
Currently I'm part of my feathered flock. :D

But wow, that fire really looks scary. Too close for comfort.

I haven't watched the news today really so I don't know the latest.
I hope its out now. Yikes.
Great pics BTW.

T-man said...

Ooh, be careful!! I hope that nasty fire stays away from your home!

Anonymous said...

You say it's further than it looks and that's good. It looks too close for comfort.

Mary said...

Has Mooky shown any behavior changes because of the fire, or does he seem oblivious?

Stay safe!!!

LisaBinDaCity said...

It's beautiful and terrifying at the same time...

Please be safe, dear!!!

Slick said...

Geeezus Sharon!!

Please girl, you take care of yourself out there.


Sandy said...

I had been following this on the news but just today realized I've heard nothing more about it!

Is it out now. Glad you weren't affected by it.

Sharon said...

4B's - Even though I find the fire beautiful it does make me sad realizing how much distruction it will leave behind.

k_tigress - I have seen kitties kept in those same small boxes or cages... poor little things.

Anonymous - Considering I only have a small digital camera & I didn't use zoom while taking the pictures must account on how close it was but luckily we were just far enough away from it.

Mary - He had no idea there was a fire... I didn't notice any behavioral changes either.

LisaB - Thanks for your concern.

Slick - Thanks... luckily its all over now.

Sandy - Yes its out now as far as I can tell... no more helicopters so that must be a good sign.

kostas said...

I do not believe that you can see beautiful things in a destruction from fire!