Monday, November 5, 2007

Mooky Monday

Look at me I’m on the couch exactly where I’m not supposed to be!

Wait a minute... what's happening?

Hey this flying pillow game is fun! Wheeeeeee!

Let's do it again!

Mooky occasionally flies or walks over to the couch while I’m sitting and watching television. Now he knows he’s not supposed to be there but then again how much fun would it really be if he wasn’t breaking house rules. If he walks over to me I’ll pick him up and give him a love fest… that’s me petting him until he’s had enough & pinches me! But if he flies over I send him back to his perch without a love fest. I’m hoping this will teach him good behavior. My thinking is that maybe he’ll realize he’s allowed to visit me on the couch if he intentionally walks over for affection/attention but if he flies over just to be bad he has to go right back to his perch.

But as you can see Mooky has turned being sent back to his perch into a new game… the Amazing Flying Pillow game. Sometimes I have wonder who’s training who!


barkfoot said...

He's a little terror, but you've got to love him!!

T-man said...

That Mooky is one handsome bird!! And what are these things called "rules"?? We don't know about those.

MrManuel said...

He didn't seem to happy about being dropped from that pillow.

Lavender said...

Hahahaha!! Look at the suave and debonair look he has on his face in that top shot - He knows you cant resist him ROFL!!
Great post Sharon!

LZ Blogger said...

Sharon - That Mooky is one smart bird. He has you trained WELL! ~ jb///

Anonymous said...

I laughed about the flying pillow game! YES they think that's fun! VERY FUNNY post ... good luck with your training HAHA :)

K_tigress said...

Ha, always a barrel of laughs, that crazy bird.

DweezelJazz said...

Oh, this made me chuckle - Mooky is doing just what Jazzy does. Inch by inch the house rules are moved, and before you know it, these little two-leggeds have you just where they want you. :)

Mooky is a gorgeous bird and it looks like he's a perfect charmer.

Grump Les Tiltskin said...

As someone who's never seen an African grey before, that flash of red on Mooky's tail always comes as a surprise

Slick said...

Mooky has you wrapped around his uh....finger?

The flying pillow ride for Mooky is like a great ride at Six Flag for us

Sandy said...

hahahahaha, sly mooky....

he's so adorable on his amazing flying pillow..


Jack said...

I'm going to try The Amazing Flying Pillow Game!!! LETS SWAP GAMES!!!!

Gazard said...

I play flying pillow game with my hamster too. heheh! Mooky looks stunning in the first photo.

curryegg said...

Haha... Moonky is so cute... ;D

LisaBinDaCity said...

Mooky is quite irreverent and mischievous!

Me likey ;-)

Sharon said...

Barkfoot - He can be a little terror sometimes but that's what makes him fun to blog about.

T-Man - Are you sure you don't know about rules... or is it you choose to ignore them?

MrManuel - No... he wanted to go again!

Lavendar - He can be very charming!

LZ Blogger - Yes he's done a fine job in training us!

Anonymous - Everything seems like fun when they know they're being bad!

K_tigress - As much fun as a barrel of monkeys.

DweezleJazz - I think Mooky & Jazzy have a lot in common!

Grump Les Tiltskin - With all the parrots you post I'm surprised you've never seen an African Grey!

Slick - I'd say wrapped around his dirty little claw is more like it!

Sandy - The trouble with Mooky is that he can be so adorable when he's up to no good!

Jack - You should... according to Mooky it's a blast!

Gazard - I'd like to see that!

Curryegg - Naughty is a good word to describe him!

LisaBinDaCity - He aims to please!

Grump Les Tiltskin said...

That's a very knowing look he's giving you in that top pic'

4xBs said...

that's a pretty fun game. Mooky is no dummy.

barbkaus said...

He is adorable. I am really enjoying your blogs. I live in Monrovia.