Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Where's That Daddy At?"

Back from vacation already… why does the time seem to go by so quickly while on vacation? I bet I’m not the only one to ask that question!

I took lots of photos while on vacation but haven’t had the time to go through them to see what’s worthy of posting.

Just to get something new up here’s a video clip of Mooky on vacation with us standing on his travel cage asking “Where’s that Daddy At?” and “Where’s that Daddy Addy Addy At?” This is his new thing to say when Bill leaves the room or just isn’t in his sight. He says it very quickly in a sort of baby voice. Hopefully you can make it out! And for even more entertainment value he throws a fart sound in there for you too!


Sandy said...

Aww now THAT is adorable. Love it when you post videos of the little scoundrel...hahaha.


Mary said...

Great video! Max makes a fart sound, too and I swear we NEVER do that :)

Does Mooky have a name she calls you? My macaw calls my husband and me by our given names, and no one else calls us anything (we're beneath them, I suppose!)

Glad you had a great vacation!

DweezelJazz said...

That is very cute! Does Mooky make up new phrases of his own, like the 'Addy Addy' part? Jazzy makes up variations on her words frequently and even mixes and matches her words in ways that make sense even though we haven't used them directly with her in that way before.

Sometimes it's quite uncanny how clever these amazing little beings are. I knew birds are intelligent, but I wasn't prepared for just how intelligent African Greys are.

Anonymous said...

HAHHAHAAA that IS great entertainment! Jack has recentley taken up making a fart noise during our dinnertime! Hhehheeee. Mookie would have loved being on holidays, he has probably learnt lots of new things you will soon discover :) Looking forward to seeing your vacation photos!

K_tigress said...

Oh yeah they definitely know what they're talking about. He's like a two year old with wings.

Humm I wonder what his temper tantrums are like. LOL

On vaca with you, that must have been neat.

curryegg said...

Hello sharon..
How are you recently.
Sorry for not visitng your blog for some time. Busy with studies.

And hope that moonky is fine too..

4xBs said...

I just want to know where he learned that fart sound.

Sonja said...

It's so cool that you took Mooky on vacation with you! What a lucky bird! How did he learn to say this - did you say it each time Bill left the room?

LZ Blogger said...

Shaon - Really cute! ~ thx for sharing! ~ jb///

Gazard said...

Hehe, I like the way he speak, so cute!

moggie said...

oh noooo, mooky! that's some severe sound effects....haha!

MrManuel said...

Cute video and welcome back!

Slick said...

Ha! Mooky keeps up with Bill pretty good :)

Cracked up over that farting sound!

barkfoot said...

It's nice that you take Mooky on holiday with you.
After "Where's that daddy at?" the 'fart', and "Where's that daddy addy addy at?", Mooky tries to say something else but I can't quite make it out. Do you know what it is?

Sharon said...

Sandy - Thanks... he's getting used to the video camera.

Mary - Mooky calls me Mommy & he says "Where's the Mommy?" even if I'm in the living room with him.I think that's cute that your macaw calls you & your husband by your given names. I have no idea where Mooky picked the fart sound up either!

dweezlejazz - Yes he makes up phrases and half the time I don't know where he gets them. Out of no where for a while he would say, "Mooky the Boss!" We never taught him that but somehow or where he must of heard it.

anonymous - Jack farts during dinner... how funny!

k_tigress - I recently heard they changed that to like having a 4 year old with wings!

curryegg - Welcome back! I understand... recently I haven't been blogging as much as usual because of my schedule.

4xb's - It must have been something he heard of tv! Yeah right!

Sonja - Actually I'm not sure how he learned it. It's a variation of something else he used to say but I can't remember.

lzblogger - Thanks!

Gazard - What do you think Kimichi would sound like if he could talk?

Moggie - Mooky seems to like the severe/gross sounds the most. Soon I hope to get him belching on video!

mrmanuel - Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

slick - I figured you would like the fart sound!

barkfoot - Thanks for really listening! He's saying, "Pooh Baby" in his deep voice manly voice!

LisaBinDaCity said...

If only vacations lasted forever. Sigh.

Welcome back!

T-man said...

That's so great that Mooky got to go on vacation with you! I'm sure he loved being part of the fun :)

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