Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Garden Visitors

So I spent another Saturday working in the garden. You know the usual stuff pulling weeds, trimming things and planting some new plants I got at the Farmer's Market. I originally intended to post photos of my progress in the garden and the new plants I planted but since I had the opportunity to take these pictures I decided to post them instead.

The Praying Mantis has been on the Cone Flower since Saturday and was still there as of this Wednesday morning. I keep hoping that I'll have the good fortune to photograph him devouring another creature but so far nothing.

Not that this has anything to do with these lovely creatures I posted but I wanted to share one frustration I have and that is the supposed kink-free hose that always kinks! I even invested in one of those coil hoses and guess what it kinked more than the regular hose.

Does anyone else share this frustration?


archie said...

That is one scary mantis :)

The butterfly makes me envious. I have never got a good shot of one in the air. well done.

DweezelJazz said...

That's a fabulous shot of the praying mantis - I've never seen one so up close and personal! :) He's very cute. And the butterfly is beautiful - they're tricky to catch with the camera flitting around as they do.

Your garden looks to be a haven for little critters in your neighbourhood. Really lovely.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Do praying mantis actually pray or is it just a catchy name?

Hmmm ;-)

Slick said...

Oh man, Sharon....I have all kiiiinds of frustrations but we ain't sharin' the same ones.

The Mantis must be guarding still be there.

Anonymous said...

Both photographs are beautiful! It takes a lot of patience to produce shots like those two ... a skill you might have to use with hoses (hehhheee)

Rauf said...

very unique picture Sharon, chasing butterflies have always been a frustrating experience

Heather said...

I lurve the butterfly photo!

Sharon said...

Archie - I agree the Mantis is scary looking and I got the butterfly in flight by accident.

Dweezlejazz - Thanks Dweezle. I do get a kick out of finding these critters in the garden.

Lisabindacity - Who knows maybe they pray but I think it's just based on their stance.

Slick - Come on Slick you've never had a kink in your hose??? The Mantis is still there so you could be right!

Anonymous - Thanks... I was actually proud of these shots too. That's it maybe I'm just lacking hose skills!

Rauf - They do move quickly but gracefully too!

Heather - Thank you and welcome!

Lavender said...

I think youve had good fortune just getting a shot of the mantis itself - Ive always loved them!
Yeah, I dont think there is such a thing as a kink free hose - very frustsrating!!

Two Pis and a Poi said...

I don't know about the garden hose, but those insects are gorgeous!

william wray said...

We waited to long to shoot him under the flower getting his afternoon break from the sun.

Gazard said...

Your garden is full of visitors, good for you! Plenty of models for your photo shooting.

triple B's said...

That mantis is a weird looking bug. Eek.

Your yard experience sounds just like mine (less the mantis). I pull weeds, I trim stuff back, and I fight with that stupid hose. It kinks and kinks and I cuss at it every time. Doesn't help at all.

barkfoot said...

Don't talk to me about kinks in hoses!! At the end of every summer I used to lay all the hoses out, straighten them, then roll them up super careful and store them in the stables. Come spring, I would lay them back out around the acres of gardens only to find not only kinks, but knots! How can that happen?! I'm not convinced that hoses are actually inaminate. I also have issues with vacuum cleaner hoses, electrical cables, lost keys, self drinking cups of tea....all these objects have the ability to move spontaneously!
Hoses can be flattened by running warm water through them then laying them flat to cool.
Loved the pic of the flutterby, never managed to catch one mid air.

K_tigress said...

Oh how cool. I had one of those large mantises on my windows a few years ago. So I let it in so it could play with my cats who were living back then.
Don't worry I didn't let them hurt her.
Yep the big ones are usually female. The males are usually the little ones getting their heads eaten off by the females while the mating takes place.

Sharon said...

lavendar - Not this year but the previous 2 yrs. I bought Mantis Cocoons from Home Depot & since then I have found them in my garden each year.

2 pis & a poi - Believe me its no fun to fight with a garden hose.

Honey - He was cute hiding underneath the cone flower... maybe he was afraid of being gobbled up by a passing bird!

Gazard - Thank goodness because we can all use lots of models to keep our blogs interesting!

Tripel B's - Believe me I have cussed a few garden hoses in my time!

Barkfoot - So you share this frustration too! You could be right because they seem to have a mind of their own!

K_Tigress - Smart females! I'm surprised you were able to keep your cats from eating the Mantis!

Sandy said...

great angles on these photos...