Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Sack Destroyer

This is an invention we came up with for Mooky that we call "The Sack." It is made out of standard size lunch bags, an empty cardboard paper towel roll cut in half & corks. It's filled with dried pasta & peanuts and then hung from his perch. Unfortunately when he really concentrates on getting the treats out it doesn't take him long to destroy "The Sack." Luckily he hasn't lost interest in it, like he did with store bought parrot toys.

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Sonja said...

Genius! These birds are so smart and need things to keep their brains active. You are so smart to create this kind of toy for him! I am going to follow your lead and make something like that for Gizmo as well! She has taken to foraging for food that falls on her newspaper (luckily she avoids the poop), so I think it would be much more wholesome for her to work through the paper bag toy.
Hey,thanks for adding me to your blogroll!!